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  • Jean-Baptiste Robin et David Guerrier 2- crédit Karine Péron Le Ouay
    Jean-Baptiste Robin et David Guerrier 2- crédit Karine Péron Le Ouay

Press reviews

« David Guerrier est un génie, un extra-terrestre. »

Maurice André, 2009

« Robin demonstrates outstanding artistic command and technical control, while emphasizing the organ’s decadently rich palette of colors. His kaleidoscopic registrational color is neither excessive nor distracting, but is rather symphonic in scope and dramatically engaging. Vivid colors abound. This is a first-rate recording. »

American Record Guide, 2015

« Les transcriptions de Robin n'assèchent rien. Elles puisent au cœur de l'œuvre leur esprit et leur vitalité. Une technique irréprochable, une sensibilité toute pianistique et une oreille sûre achèvent de rendre à chaque page sa vitalité. »

Classica, 2014

Trumpet & organ duet

The trumpet and organ duet ensemble was invented by Maurice André and Marie-Claire Alain, who gave credibility to it in the 60’s. This legendary duo achieved triumphal success throughout Europe.

Today the duo formed by trumpeter David Guerrier – first Prize Maurice André at the age of 16 and nicknamed “the Alien” by his peers – and organist Jean-Baptiste Robin, a disciple of Marie-Claire Alain, with whom he practiced integral works by Jehan Alain, and organist of the Versailles Royal Chapel, intends to be the natural heir of this famous historical duo.

This trumpet and organ duet formation takes its source in the discovery by Marie-Claire Alain in Bologna of a manuscript by Giovanni Buonaventura Viviani (1638-92), soon performed alongside Maurice André at a concert in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés church in Paris. This performance met immediate triumph.

From then on, the success of the trumpet and organ duet never faltered, while Maurice André and Marie-Claire Alain at this time emphasized the piccolo trumpet brilliant features, as well as baroque repertoire, still in its rediscovery phase.


Expanding on this renowned duo, the David Guerrier / Jean-Baptiste Robin duo insists on maintaining this tradition, while developing all sound possibilities available in the combination of both wind instruments, organ and trumpet:

  • Modern and very brilliant trumpet, soloist and virtuoso (Variations on Salve Regina by Henri Tomasi)
  • Dialogues and fades between both instruments (Heroic Tales by J.B. Robin, Tanz-Fantasie by Thierry Escaich)
  • A trumpet opposed to organ and more concerting (Holy Week in Cuzco by Henri Tomasi or works by Petr Eben)
  • Lyrical trumpet (Cantata and Sonata by George Delerue)
  • And obviously baroque trumpet, in original works by Viviani, but also transcriptions by Johann Sebastian Bach, Georg Friedrich Haendel or Michel-Richard Delalande.

David Guerrier was nominated with “Instrumental soloist of the Year” at the Music Victories in 2004 and 2007.

Jean-Baptiste Robin was awarded the Golden “Diapason” of the Year in 2002 and achieved 5 First Prizes, first nomination, at the Paris National Conservatory of Music.

In addition to its inheritance, the duo benefits from first-rate artists.